Project Management Methodology

  • Methodology


    Covering the entire project life cycle:
    Planning, Analysis and Design, Implementation,
    Quality Control, UAT and Deployment with continuous project control.


    Taking advantage of Agile methodologies and Project Management best practices that divide the development project into bi-weekly sprints.

  • Model
    Software Factory


    Our software factory model, working from
    tested and factored components, allows us to
    take advantage of and reuse the knowledge acquired.

In addition to proper management, quality control is a key factor.


Functional quality

Ensuring that the application does what it has to do.

Quality of integration

Guaranteeing the correct integration with third parties.

Quality of design

Ensuring you do it the right way.

Quality of Performance

Ensuring performance through stress techniques.

Quality of Security

Ensuring the security of the application.

Quality of Compatibility

Ensuring compatibility for specified devices.

Although all projects are different, they share the same technical methodology.

Technical Methodology

Application Architecture

Our applications follow the MVC (Model, View, Controller) either using a specific Framework or our own Bookstores

Notation and nomenclature

We define a set of rules and conventions to name the files, BBDD and tables, as well as the functions and variables in a homogeneous way.

Continuous integration

In each new software version, even the smallest changes, a series of tests are performed to verify the nonexistence of collateral effects.

Code Documentation

Our code is formally documented with the aim of making it comprehensible to third parties and fully maintainable.

Source Code Control

Ability to work in distributed equipment and storage and recovery of any part of the code realized at any time and version.

Unit tests

Automation of complete, reusable and independent code unit tests to guarantee the functionality of each module of the code.

Code Refactoring

We structure and refactor the code properly in order to facilitate a subsequent understanding and maintenance.

Application Security

We follow the OWASP recommendations for making secure applications for web and mobile environments.

Deploy Automation

Production increments are controlled and automated, minimizing the possibility of errors.