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PEVAAR operates at the intersection of drive, quality, and innovation. As a purpose-led organization, we strive to become your software outsourcing development partner. Our goal is to provide the highest quality agile development services from nearshore centers in Latin America.


New technologies, globalization and changing customer behaviors are forcing traditional business operating models to adapt to the dynamics of today’s business climate. Nearshore outsourcing services go beyond cost savings, helping you improve business performance and maintain sustainable competitive advantages.


Choose a suitable cooperation model when nearshoring .Net development

Dedicated Development Team is a perfect fit for large, long-term enterprise projects. It functions as a team extension and is fully dedicated to the project. The customer gets full control over the team and product development. The team is tailored according to the customer’s requirements and can be scaled up or down when a need arises.


Time and Material

This cooperation model meets best the needs of short and mid-size projects. It is used when the project, scope of work, and development process cannot be estimated beforehand. The requirements are not clearly outlined at the very beginning and are subject to changes on the go. Also, the model is more flexible in terms of timesoftware engineers are involved in your project. It may vary from 25% and more, based on the current project needs.



One strength of the .NET tool is that it allows us to spend more time and effort meeting our clients’ business needs and less time struggling with limitations of the technology itself.
Generally speaking, the .NET learning curve is notoriously low, and all the tools and libraries are integrated for a unified development platform. The IDE, which is Visual Studio, allows us to create solutions instantly, and the Framework Class Library provides all the knowledge and base classes required to start coding.



We have engineers with different backgrounds and expertise in different languages like C++, VB and C#, but they are able to work together sharing components from one language to another thanks to. NET multi-language capabilities.


Common Knowledge Base

Since all .NET components are tightly integrated, the knowledge acquired in one area is useful for another. For example, someone with extensive experience in web development can easily start developing a desktop application because most of the core concept remains the same. In this way our developers are able to create a common knowledge base so that they are ready to meet any type of business need.



Our passion is coding the future. Ready to deploy nearshore teams?


The difference with our Nearshore

We go beyond labor arbitrage, using best practices, technology and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

We are experts at implementing large transformational initiatives and help to deliver outstanding results with a focus on communication, documentation and program governance.

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