Business Applications

Business Applications

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  • August 14, 2017
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Projects for the design and development of customized computer applications with SharePoint technology oriented to workflow modeling, document management and information interplay between heterogeneous platforms mainly.

  • Migrating to SharePoint 2016

    From previous versions or even from other platforms.

    WFMS applications and document management

    Developed with SharePoint technology for online environments.

    Office 365 and On-Premise Environments

    Depending on the architecture and needs of each client / project.

Database Design

Design and development of Databases that centralize information of master tables(products, brands, labeling, etc.) with interfaces for their management and with the creation of an API so that third-party applications can integrate such information.

  • Design by BBDD

    Efficient Modeling and implementation of Master Tables.

    Managment Interfaces

    Designed to manage the information of the BBDD easily.

    API for integration

    For Third-party applications to integrate master table information.

ERP "satellite" Applications

Projects for the design and development of custom computer applications with web technology to create applications that interact with the DBMS and ERP information overcoming the barriers and difficulties of maintenance, modification and updating of the ERP.

  • Creating API to integrate with ERP

    For queries and storage in ERP via Web Services.

    ERP management interfaces.

    To create web and mobile applications on the ERP BBDD.

    Custom applications or product customization

    According to the needs / requirements of the project and the client's technology.

Work Flow Management System (WFMS)

Design and development of applications to model workflows based on business processes and people interacting, both the organization and third parties involved, in these processes.

  • Modeling of internal business processes

    Applications that model business processes.

    Processes between marketing, agencies and others

    Custom applications or product customization

    Custom applications or product customization

    According to the needs / requirements of the project and the client's technology.

Custom management applications

Consulting projects, design, development and maintenance of customized management applications for web environments (Internet, Intranet and Extranet) and client / server.

  • Management applications

    At the commercial level, CRM, production, billing, budget, etc.

    Technical applications

    Industrial Simulation and transformation of formats and files.

    Corporate intranets

    To offer information, content and services to employees.