Integration Projects

Integration Projects

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  • August 14, 2017
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Design and creation of APIs

Design and creation of APIs based on SOAP XML Web Services or REST / JSON.

  • APIs on ERPs and Databases

    To integrate applications with enterprise information systems.

    Booking Engines APIs

    To develop online shopping processes for web and mobile (B2B and B2C).

    Pure API Applications

    Designing business logic in API mode directly.

Integration with third-party APIs

We carry out integration projects with third platforms (payment platforms, logistics, maps, social networks, sms, booking engines, BBDD, ERPs, applications, etc.) via APIs through the use of web services.

  • Web services SOAP XML

    Web services exchanging data in XML via SOAP protocol.


    Scalable web services using APIs in JSON with REST architectures.

    File Sharing

    In XML, EDI, CSV or any other format.

Integration with Booking APIs

We are specialists in creating reservation processes -and processes of changes, online check-in, invoice request, and more- integrated in websites and mobile apps directly with the ERP or with the booking engine via web services.

  • Purchase and booking processes

    For the tourism sector.

    User processes

    Offering online service of added value to the user.

    Integration via Web Services

    Using existing APIs or helping design and implement the required API.

Integration of Add-ons

We carry out projects to integrate e-commerce platforms in the tourism sector, using third-party products that provide a value added service to the customer.

  • Travel insurance

    Integrated directly into the purchasing process.

    Hotels, car rentals, flights and experiences

    Offered on the ticket / locator as x selling or creating the relevant landings.

    XML integration or JSON REST.

    Usually using SOAP XML or JSON REST integration, as required by the product provider.

Application Integration

Projects to integrate heterogeneous information systems by creating applications that use information from different systems, software, ERPs, applications and databases, regardless of the technology in which they are developed.

  • Common and custom interfaces

    Creation of a single interface using web and mobile technologies that integrates all the information.

    Web services for access to applications and their data

    Allowing distributed access to data and business logic functions.

    Data model and own business logic

    Unifying and normalizing the information and processes of each application to create the processes and information of the new application.