IT Architecture

IT Architecture

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  • August 11, 2017
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Web Hosting

Web-based application hosting services that offer the model best adapted to the size of the application or platform hosted.

  • High availability and speed

    To offer quality accommodation.

    Dedicated Servers

    For the most demanding B2B and B2C applications.

    Shared Servers

    For projects with more limited needs

Maintenance of technical architectures

In both production and test environments, we carry out technical maintenance and the management of projects and services, physical and virtual, that support application made by us or third parties.

  • Monitoring and follow-up

    Of the main services and resources of the servers.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Software update

    Both Windows and Linux servers

Virtualization and cloud architectures

We help our customers deploy their architecture in the cloud or migrate their infrastructure and physical machines to virtual environments in their own networks.

  • Server Virtualization

    With Linux and Windows technology.

    Migrating to the cloud

    Migration of machines and more complex server architectures.

    Maintenance of cloud architectures

    Specializing in Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Management of production environments

For cloud architectures, virtual or physical, and applications developed and deployed by us or a third party, we manage the different environments with the appropriate procedures to guarantee the quality and availability of service and the application.

  • Production environment

    Formed by application servers and databases.

    Test environment

    Including test and stage, intermediate between test and real.

    Deploy Automation

    Automated production uploads with their rollback protocols.