About us

We are a new generation of technology service providers, focused on delivering innovative software solutions by harnessing emerging technologies and trends.

We combine the engineering and technical rigor of IT service providers with the creative and cultural approach of digital agencies.




Our vision is to become the premier solution development company, combining the best of engineering, innovation and design. Our goal is to lead the way in creating innovative software products that appeal to global audiences.


Pevaar is the place where the engineering, design and innovation meet!


What do we do

We help our clients with their strategy and e-business development by becoming their technology partner and contributing with our capacity, experience and knowledge as added value.

We develop modular and scalable projects – integrated with business processes – so our clients offer value-added services in B2B, B2C and web environments.

Business Applications
Mobile apps
Architecture IT
Integration Projects
CMS Internet Projects
E-commerce projects


Our assets

  • Team

    A young, proactive team,
    specialized and involved in the
    projects with our clients.

  • Methodology

    We like to work in a quality
    and efficient environment to deliver
    at a technical
    and project management level

  • Knowhow

    Our years of experience
    and knowledge are a key factor
    in delivering viable solutions

  • Technology

    With our technical expertise,
    and the ability to evolve,
    we develop cutting-edge technology


Differential qualities



Business-Oriented mindset

Before developing, we analyze if the offered solution covers the business and client needs.


Competitiveness in price

Expenses and non-billable personnel are optimized and controlled to offer a more competitive price.


We adapt to the client

Flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs and resources at a technical, budget and time level.


Let’s get involved in the project

All participating personnel are involved with the project and the objectives of the client.


Integration in mixed teams

We have the ability to work in mixed teams with marketing, IT and external agencies.


And we enjoy our work!

We are lucky to work on what we love, and enjoy every project we do.