Value added services for businesses

  • 95%


    Software development

    Design and development of software and applications based on web and mobile technology.

  • 100%


    SW Maintenance
    Corrective, evolutive and preventive maintenance of web and mobile applications.

  • 85%


    SW integration
    Integration of software, BBDD and information systems via API and web services.

  • 90%


    Architecture IT
    Migrating to the cloud, hosting applications and maintaining architectures.

Development, maintenance and integration of applications and software for companies

Software development

Our main service is the development of custom software. After analyzing the requirements of the
project, we design and develop the best software solution that suits the customer’s needs, time and budget.

We create turnkey solutions adapted to the customer, allowing the client to control the project’s expenditure.

We design the Software to function on any required device, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, touchscreen TVs, and more.

Custom software development
3rd Party SW Integration

Software maintenance


  • Corrective

    Service oriented to solve software incidents or the correction of functionalities generally derived from updates and technological evolutions.

  • Preventive

    Service oriented to improve the performance, and other factors unrelated to the functionality of the applications to avoid future incidents according to the technological evolutions.

  • Evolutionary

    Service oriented to improve and evolve applications based on a series of improvement requirements aligned with new business needs.

Software Integration

API Design

We design APIs so third parties can integrate with the applications and BBDD of our

Integration of add-ons

To integrate Hotels, Car rentals, Flights, Travel Insurance, etc. On e-commerce platforms Of the tourism sector.

Integration with third-party APIs

To integrate third party services and products via Web Services and APIs.

Integration with ERP’s

Integrating applications and DBMS with enterprise information systems/ERPs.

Application Integration

Creating applications/interfaces that integrate data from heterogeneous information systems.

Integration with HW/telemetry

Integrating applications and hardware through specific telemetry systems.

IT Architecture

  • Application Hosting

    On high-speed servers and high availability.

    Deployment of applications in production.

    Deploy applications in both physical and virtual environments.

Other Services